Change in My Life: Emergency Prep

It all started when I was looking for a book to read. I casually decided Facebook is a great avenue to gather a variety of opinions. Big. Mistake. Or lucky… depending on the future.

A friend recommended a book about survival. I popped over Amazon and checked out the reviews and knew I ‘had’ to read this book. Even though it wasn’t on Amazon Unlimited, I spared no expense (well… it was only $5.99 or so) and started immediately.

Within five minutes I had to stop to find a piece of paper to write down the tips and items he had in the book. This should have been a red flag to stop reading, but I can’t. I’m a mom and a slightly obsessed with being self-reliant mom… and slightly obsessed with being prepared for an emergency. BUT I have seriously considered what this book covers.

The main character in the book is out of town for work. An event occurs and his car, along with all other modern transportation and communication devices, stop working. The man isn’t worried- he travels with enough supplies to make it home, walking, from wherever he travels. He is 250 miles from home, knowing it will be long time (if ever) until they figure out what happened. He loads up his pack (basically a 72 hour kit in the car) with the needed items from his suitcase to make it home.

Think about it. If your car broke down and there was no transportation how would you get home? Would you walk? How far? Do you have food/water for your kids if they are with you? Shoes you can walk in?

Now my life is changed forever. Before we go anywhere I think about how far we are going and what we need in the car to make it home if we have to walk. I think it’s more smart, when you have small people depending on you, rather than paranoid or crazy. Although obviously that debate has been going on in my mind.

We went to town yesterday. About a 35 mile trip (one way). I loaded up the stroller, my pack, tennis shoes/socks/coats for my kids and snacks. My pack always has a water filter, platypus bottle, first aid kit, wipes, bug spray, sunscreen, extra set of clothes for each kid, snacks, lighter, knife, headlamp, etc. Five minutes into this book, I realized that was not enough. Especially when I can keep it in my car and load up what I need into my bag, depending on the situation.

Also, I now have a kid-sized bag for each of my kids in the car. They can carry some light stuff if needed. Also, I stopped at Walmart on the way home and purchased a super small emergency stove that uses tablets to heat. Super awesome.

My life is changed. Growing up in Alaska you know you have to be self-sufficient. People aren’t always going to now you need help, let alone rush to your rescue. You have to be prepared to walk out, feed yourself, keep warm, take care of your kids, etc. We keep extra snow gear in our cars. I learned to change tires before I could drive a car. But this book emphasized how important those skills and ability to be prepared are.

Want to know what it is? Are you ready? It could change your reality…

‘Going Home: A Novel’ by A. American


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