Two then Three

This blog was written for me to read. I have recently discovered that I probably will ‘need’ one more baby. Just one more. The logistics of it don’t seem to matter so much, but making one more baby definitely does.

My husband thinks if we have one more, might as well have two. Four seems like a lot. But, hey, after making baby #3, maybe four won’t seem like too much.

I can point a finger directly at the show ‘Parenthood’ for this need. It made me realize when I’m the parent or grandparent I want to be surrounded by years of memories, and people that have resulted from my husband and I’s love. Pretty awesome.


Coming Up For Air

Dude. Things get SO busy.

Day to day life sometimes just slips away. There’s so much to do and so little time. If only there was another hour in the day… well… I’d probably just fill that right up too!

This morning we were driving out to pick up our kids after their much anticipated sleepover at Grandma’s. The sun was coming up over the mountains,which are all around us where we live. I  was listening to the radio and thought… man… we have  a good life.

Two hilarious kiddos. A husband who quit his job so I could continue doing mine when we couldn’t find a nanny. A ridiculous house. My own  business on our property. Cabin in the woods. Toys. Food. Amazing family. Laughter. Love. Adventure. Health. Two wild doggies.

All of it but time. It was a healthy moment of self-assurance. You’re blessed lady! Take a minute to pause and enjoy it. So….. there! Back to laundry, dishes, snuggles,  planning and moving it!