My Better Half. Or Equal Half.

Oh DaddyMy hubby is amazing. I complain a lot about him being gone, but only in spurts. Usually right after he leaves and things are really hard to adjust to and then again about 3/4 of the way through his work season (usually the 5 month mark is a tough time for me). It also happens to coincide with two very busy times of the year for me: school ending and school starting.

We have an incredible relationship.  I think it takes a certain type of person (people) to maintain a healthy, happy relationship in the situations we put ourselves in. We are best friends, co-conspirators, alleviate each other’s stress with humor and just ‘get’ each other. I don’t know a lot of people who have what we have. And we know that. We do not take our relationship for granted and know how blessed we are to get to live this life.

I often wonder why we get this life. We have two happy healthy kids, careers in industries we love, mutual interests in the outdoors and a love for where we are geographically, a beautiful home and even a cabin to enjoy. Our families are filled with incredible people who love and love and love. We appreciate everything. How did we get so much greatness?

Then I think… maybe it is so great because we made it this way. We have a mindset that allows us to overcome obstacles (some times with moderate venting, but that is healthy) and truly enjoy each day. A roadblock is simply a means for a new adventure. An Avenue to create a solution.

Maybe we have this amazing life because we make it this way by taking advantage of the beautiful place and time we were lucky enough to be born into… by focusing on the attributes of each other rather than the negatives…. by loving 100% and knowing what it is like to not have the other there…allowing us to fully appreciate the moments we are together.

Reflecting on this today, when my husband is at the 5 month gone mark, makes the last two months to go seem a little more doable. Even in the hard times of parenting without Dad there to get my back, I know he will be there. Even if it’s five minutes on the phone before he goes to work, or a few hours every couple weeks when he drives home to see us during his 12 hours off work… I know he will be there. And I know how lucky/blessed/fortunate I am to have that.

In the midst of my Facebook rants or exasperated cries of depair, I just have to remember how truly good we have it. And continue on, sharing the memories we make knowing the tough ones will someday be hilarious. And looked back on fondly. Hopefully for every frustrated post, I make five hopeful ones. 🙂