And I Showered!

I took a shower today. YAY ME!

I know… that shouldn’t be something to cause jumping up and down excitement, but it was a shower BY MYSELF. No small people in there splashing around or tripping me. My bathtub is more like a bathroom itself (it is larger than the entire bathroom downstairs) so having additional bodies in there isn’t that bad… I guess.

While I was solo-showering my son was watching Sesame Street and my daughter was setting up bathroom supplies (shampoo, conditioner, soaps, bubble bath… you know, the necessities stored under the sink) like candles, and singing ‘Happy Birfday’ to them. It was amazing.

Because some alone time (seriously… this is what I consider alone time. No other people touching me or acknowledging me) causes me to be reflective and I started to think about how awesome this moment was. One child old enough to be entertained by engaging with the show (I could hear him yelling out answers to Elmo) and the other is using her imagination and artistic expression,  all the while in an environment where I could observe them yet soak up a good hair washing all alone.

These moments are few and very far between. Generally there’s crying, injuries, swords or shooters and in the end three people in the bathtub while I shower. And two dogs wondering why they weren’t invited and sticking their heads in to see the fun they are missing.

Someday (like three days from now when I attempt a shower again) I  might be scooping little people out of the tub and rinsing soap out of eyes while abandoning my attempt at conditioner, but someday further down the line… it’ll be just me again. All the time. And how sad is that? Jeez… doesn’t every day just lead back to needing one more baby in our family?

I am a pretty appreciative person most of the time. But I just really loved today. It was peaceful and satisfying to hear both of my ‘wild ones’ behaving. Oh… and I don’t smell quite so ‘exhausted mom’ anymore. Bonus!


And So It Begins…


It’s started. Know how I know? I’m tired. And sick. And tired of being sick. And also… super excited every morning about my new kiddos.

At the end of every year I can’t imagine having a group of kids as great as the ones I have had. The beginning of the year always has a slight undertone of anxiety about meeting new people: adults and kiddos. Figuring out emotional tells and cues from tired or stressed kids. There’s always little people who aren’t so good at adapting to new situations and going to preschool for the first time is definitely a new situation.

This year I have an incredible group of kids. No major separation issues for parents or kids.A lot of sweetness and awareness of other people’s feelings. Empathy is something that is tough to teach, but comes natural to a handful of people. I think I have a group with a high number of these types this year…

I have 100% full confidence that by the end of the year I will again be thinking…. ‘NOooooo…. don’t go to kindergarten!!! I need you!!’.

We are going to have a great year. As soon as my cough lets up a little and my voice returns. 🙂