Alaska Storms

Howling wind and smashing rain against the window. That’s how I woke up this morning an hour earlier than usual. I had just been up at 4:30 with my daughter who was worried about monsters, but said ‘you keep me safe mama?’. There was no rain yet, except those few sweet tears from me after hearing my daughter say I was her life raft.

Upon jerking awake this morning hearing the downpour and angry winds, I realized it was lifeboat time. Our house always loses power and takes DAYS to get back on. We live in a pocket with maybe 10-12 houses in our circuit (or whatever… I’m not a lineman expert… lol) and we are low on the priority line. Who do you have to know to bump your area up in the status list??

Anyways. After waking up, looking outside and then referencing Facebook for weather posts- I realized this was not good. Yep. Took all those steps. Geez lady. Get it together.

I briefly debated going to retrieve my trashcan (which is a five minute walk down our driveway) but decided it’s probably gone (sorry neighbors. I’ll totally volunteer for Spring clean up. Which, judging by the weather, will be next weekish). Popped on a hoodie and went outside (no shoes, btw,clearly in panic mode) in the icy rain to gather up the loose items on the porch. Did the same in the backyard and secured the gate which was slamming against the house. And then again in the side yard. Phew. My ‘North Pole’ sign is definitely gone… maybe at the North Pole.

When I came back inside my son was standing at the bottom of the stairs on the verge of tears because ‘The Monster of the Backwoods’ was banging on the house. We turned on the news, made toast and listened to the rain and the water running in the kitchen while I filled up water jugs. We have a well, so no power means no water. At the moment we have filled water jugs (those big blue ones we use for the summer at the cabin and trailer), filled pitchers lining the counters in my kitchen and filled old juice jugs in each bathroom (for flushing, if we get that far). Better safe than a house smelling like kid urine! That’s what I always say… or something.

Outside there is no power. Anywhere. Except our pocket of 10-12 houses. Knock on wood- because this is not normal. As I write this we are a bright spot in the Anchorage/Peters Creek and Matsu Area. That’s about half the population of Alaska (for a reference point).

Side note: I’m reading a book about a storm that doesn’t stop and destroys a lot of the world. I started it last night. Could have triggered my intense response to this morning’s wake up situation.

Extra Side note: My kids have a recent obsession/anxiety about monsters. Maybe this stems from our Disney trip? It’s weird.

Last thing: This blog has no real point or conclusion… cause it’s still storming outside. But my power is on and writing is really helping calm my anxiety about trees smashing our house (my grandparents in WA just had a giant redwood smash their dining room- it was 3 ft in diameter!) or my husband’s truck blowing away. When he’s here to talk me down, I’m generally fine, but when I’m not grounded my panic escalates quickly. Thanks for being my outlet!


Disney: Day One

Day one of our family adventures consisted of traveling. And traveling.

Our first flight from Anchorage to Seattle was awesome. It’s always a toss up with that one- either amazing tailwinds or gruesome head winds. We won that lottery today and had a super quick and smooth flight. Always a bonus with the kiddos to make it short and sweet. My parents came with us and even managed to be sitting with us (after a panicked check in where our seats did not appear to be near each other).

We switched planes and had travel buddies for the second flight. My son, who was a little wild on the first flight, sat next to Grandma and passed out for the whole flight. My daughter, who was super good for the first flight, sat next to us for this one and was very ‘excited’ the whole way. She was chatting and rolling around and crying on and off… whoa. I was glad to land at LAX. And then taxi for 7 hours.

Ok. It wasn’t that long… but it was long enough for my sweet 2 year old to pass right out. Oh. My. Sounds good- but getting off a plane with a groggy 2 year old is not fun.

After the journey to our rental car (HELLO LAX?? Get it together with your rental organization! I’ve been spoiled by Seattle who has every rental in one spot!) and picking up a van just like our babysitter (the most amazing lady ever!) Gracie proceeded to pass right out again. Hallelujah!!

We got to our incredible three bedroom condo. It seriously is amazing. Clean, Disney themed, modern and secure (which was my crazy Alaska paranoid’s lady top concern. I can deal with having to clean up a bit when I get somewhere, but scary neighborhoods are not my thing).

Our room has an awesome attached nursery we popped sleeping beauty right into. Then there’s a kiddo room with bunk beds and a twin bed with a tv- it’s basically a dream room. Little dude was so pumped… until we showed him our room. MELTDOWN TIME! He thought we were all sleeping in the kid room and was less than thrilled about the idea of sleeping alone. So…. we pulled the twin mattress into our room and he slept on the floor.

Three bedroom condo and we are all in one room? Family vacation style! (Although my parents do have their own room. I’m glad they didn’t cry about not bunking with us too. It would have been crowded!)

Today the adventure continues with California Adventures!!

PS. Here is where we are staying! I love it and the owners are SO friendly!

Bad Blogger

I’m a horrible blogger. I think I’m better when my hubs is at work, but we have been seriously loving the last 2 months of him home. We are in a parenting groove that’s so awesome.

Sometimes when he comes home I get into the habit of asking him to do EVERYTHING because I have to do everything when he is gone. But it’s a bit ridiculous. I’ve put a lot of effort into NOT doing that this time he has been home and things have been so much smoother. Happier. Laughier.

Now we’re down to two more weeks until we lose him to the North Slope again. For his 4th ‘last year’ up there building ice roads. The problem with this man I call my husband, is that he is SO GOOD at his job. He is efficient, a creative problem solver and super organized. He has worked every part of the job so he makes a foreman that really can’t be beat. The problem with this is they sure do offer him a good chunk of change to go up there. And while it’s being offered- we might as well take it.

The next two weeks will be incredible. We are taking the family to Disneyland. Wait… I mean – WE ARE GOING TO DISNEYLAND!!!! That adventure, followed by Christmas and then he is off to work. And we have a week of no school after to adjust and cuddle and watch movies and get back into a ‘mommy only’ groove.

So much happy and sad mixed together. Bittersweet times ahead!