Bad Blogger

I’m a horrible blogger. I think I’m better when my hubs is at work, but we have been seriously loving the last 2 months of him home. We are in a parenting groove that’s so awesome.

Sometimes when he comes home I get into the habit of asking him to do EVERYTHING because I have to do everything when he is gone. But it’s a bit ridiculous. I’ve put a lot of effort into NOT doing that this time he has been home and things have been so much smoother. Happier. Laughier.

Now we’re down to two more weeks until we lose him to the North Slope again. For his 4th ‘last year’ up there building ice roads. The problem with this man I call my husband, is that he is SO GOOD at his job. He is efficient, a creative problem solver and super organized. He has worked every part of the job so he makes a foreman that really can’t be beat. The problem with this is they sure do offer him a good chunk of change to go up there. And while it’s being offered- we might as well take it.

The next two weeks will be incredible. We are taking the family to Disneyland. Wait… I mean – WE ARE GOING TO DISNEYLAND!!!! That adventure, followed by Christmas and then he is off to work. And we have a week of no school after to adjust and cuddle and watch movies and get back into a ‘mommy only’ groove.

So much happy and sad mixed together. Bittersweet times ahead!


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