GM Diet/Cleanse

Day One: Just Fruit. Only Fruit. Seems easy, right? Don’t be fooled. I seriously underestimated the fruit thing. Result: Lost THREE pounds¬† on day one.

Day Two: Only Veggies. Much easier than fruit for me. Made roasted cauliflower for dinner with the magic soup. Had a baked potato with a tiny bit of butter for breakfast. Snacked on peas, carrots, broccoli. Not as great without Ranch, but more variety than fruit.  Result: One more Pound GONE!

Day Three: Fruit and Veggies day. No bananas. No Potatoes. A million glasses of water. Best day so far since we can have both fruit and veggies. Result: Another pound bites the dust!

Day Four: Bananas and Milk. Gag, right? Not so bad. I found I wasn’t really as hungry as I was the first few days and cravings were pretty much non-existent. We could also have the wonder soup in unlimited amounts. Result: Two more Pounds!

Day Five: Beef and Tomatoes. Who came up with this day? My husband had a HUGE smile on his face (that meat eater!!) this morning, while I’m thinking… I’m going to turn into a tomato! By now downing water is nothing. The first day I struggled to get my water (three of my water bottles) done, but yesterday I drank five, no problem. Result: .5 pounds

Day Six: After my weigh in this morning, I’m feeling pretty down about the rest of the days. I think it being the weekend and not a normal routine contributes to the trickiness of following the plan. Although today is vegetables and beef and soup. As long a I can skip the cupcake at the birthday party today, I should be good! Result: No weight loss. Sadness

Day Seven: Fruit, vegetables, beef and soup. Combining it all up for the last day! Result: Two pounds gone

End of Cleanse Result: 9.5 pounds weight loss!!!

Interesting to see what my body processes well (fruit and veggies) and what it doesn’t (meat, namely beef since that’s what we ate). My husband lost 13.5 pounds and his big weight loss days were the meat eating ones. I wonder if this is more about how our bodies process food types differently or if it’s due to our preference to food types (meaning we ate more consistently during the day and kept our metabolism going) or a combination of both.

Overall it was well worth the effort for the diet! I think we will do it again at the beginning of next month!


Let Me Tell You

Obviously everyone I met this weekend knows way more about parenting than I do.

Dear Alaska Club Gym Childcare Lady,

I do not care if I don’t have my ‘card’ that you did not give me when I dropped my kids off. No, you are not keeping my kids. I do not CARE if your policy (which obviously was not followed when I dropped them off for the first time ever at your location) is to not release kids to anybody without their special ‘card’. Know what special card I have that should work: MY I.D.

Clearly the child who ran up to me screaming ‘mama’ and crying when I walked in the door- belongs to me. Clearly the other one who ran up yelling ‘dada, dada’ to my husband- belongs to us.

Clearly me turning and walking away from you with MY children is a clear indicator of my opinion of you and your ‘always’ followed (except this one time) policy. And yes, your manager will be hearing from me.

Sincerely, Mom of Two who will not be back at your gym.

Dear Check Out Lady,

Yes.My two year old is having an epic meltdown because she wants cookies. No. I don’t think a nap will help. No, i don’t think the girl scouts have anything to do with it. When I said the problem is she is two, i meant it as the explanation for said meltdown. That is it. And nope, doesn’t make me feel better that you can hear another screaming kid, so its not just me.

What would help is you ringing up my groceries without the commentary and with a quickness. Its embarrassing enough to have a screaming, kicking toddler in the store, nobody needs a breakdown analysis.

Crazy mom hanging on by a thread in your checkout line