‘Well that’s creepy’, I’m sure all moms have said.

Creepy stuff happens around here. Kids are magnets for the creepiness. Or maybe you just notice more because you have small people to keep alive on a daily, non-stop basis.

The following event has happened three times in a similar manner, with the location differing. The first time this happened we were up at the cabin by the lake. G was napping downstairs, my hubs was out doing something in the yard (in the rain) and S was watching a show in the loft. I was sitting in the living room under the loft reading my book and soaking up the peace and quiet.

Suddenly I heard S talking upstairs. I thought he was commenting on his show, but it sounded like a conversation. He paused and then says ‘I’m going down to get a snack. I’ll be back’. When he gets down the stairs he says, ‘Mama?! How did you get down here so fast?’. I asked what he meant. He tells me he was just talking to me upstairs, but then I was down here.

I tried to get him to describe what I looked like, but he just said it was me. He was completely confused by what happened and walked away shaking his little four-year-old head and completed his mission to find a snack.

This same scenario with slightly different details has happened two more times at our house in the last six weeks or so. Pretty wild! We’ve always had slightly supernatural events at our home: hearing people call your name (it’s happened to me, our nanny and my mom. Neither of them knew about my experience before reporting it to me), unexplainable crashing noises, one time all the cabinets/drawers in the kitchen opened silently while we were all standing in there but happened to turn around at the same time, etc. But this is the first one that occurred elsewhere and involved the kids.

Creepy, right?! And that’s why I don’t need to watch scary movies… I might have my own developing around here. I’ll keep you posted.


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