My New Nanny

We found a new nanny! It was a tough, mostly fruitless search for a new nanny. It is SO hard for me to trust people with my babies and takes a huge leap of faith to let go. We only had one candidate for our nanny position. It’s a man- which throws up a red flag right away- right? Not to be sexist, but women just have that cuddly mom quality that not all men have.

He’s always been in the workforce and is really focused at whatever he is doing. He is super goal oriented- which might play out well for the potty training adventure that’s taking place with my beautiful G-Mae. And things like laundry, dishes, etc… checking items off a list work well for him. The new nanny is super good at building forts and fake hunting…so obviously my son thinks he is awesome.

This is his first big delve into childcare. He’s had his share of time in short stints with his two kids… but not for an extended period of time. Poop on the floor isn’t really his thing, so we will see how that works out.The great thing is he isn’t charging much and is easily paid in beer. Again… red flag?

Around here we call him Daddy…  and now Mr. Daddy! I am so excited, nervous and blessed to have my husband taking a couple of months off work to hang with us at home. He’s going to watch the team while I’m at work and head back to his own work in the Spring.

First day of the job I got this text:

“If you look out the window and see two small children running down the driveway with dog bones tied to them, don’t be alarmed. It’s what I like to call abstract parenting.”

It’s going to be great, right?!


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