Bye Byes are Tough

Nobody warns you how quickly the person watching your kiddos become family. And how much it hurts when they have to say good bye.

Our nanny has been here since my daughter was 6 months old. She has been at our home every day I’ve been working while my husband has been gone (for pretty much the entire last year). She has been with my kids so I could run to the gym or the post office or have dinner with grown ups.

Trusting people is hard for me. I’m pretty sure it stems from my parent’s divorce when I was a teenager (that’s just what my ECD degree education led me to believe. I could be wrong). I was dating my husband at the time and he’s been one of the only people I’ve trusted since then. That’s not 100% accurate… the others I’ve trusted have always left me hanging and broken small pieces of my heart… such is life, right?

When we realized we needed to find a nanny it was tough for me. I ended up subscribing to strictly after seeing Ms. Jessica’s profile. After meeting her I knew she would be  a perfect fit. There’s a lot of mommy guilt with leaving your child with another person. Even more so when trust is tough for me. But she was amazing. And understand how tough it was (or at least sympathized with my kind of crazy).

Now she’s been my constant and someone to depend on… and I found myself crying with the thought of her last day. And doubting my ability to open up to someone again.

Man… people who love your kids just sneak right into the heart! We love Ms. J and will miss you SO BIG!


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