Not Sleeping! NEVER!

Bed time battles? What’s up with that? I would gladly lay down and pass out for an entire 8-10 hours if possible. No need for prompting, bedtime stories, snacks, drinks, cuddles… just quiet, a blanket and a pillow. I’m good to go. Pillow and blanket optional if it’s quiet without kids to worry about.

Here’s bedtime at my house:

G: cuddle, pop in bed = asleep five minutes later.

S: Pick up toys, brush teeth, tuck into bed. Has to go potty. Brush teeth again. Tuck. Needs a snack (he is ‘starvin’ ). Brush teeth again. His water is old (it’s from ‘laaaaast night). Needs new water. Tuck. Bed time story with his big ‘ol flashlight (those super awesome ’80’s Playschool ones that turn color. Yah, it was mine as a child). Water. One more snack please? Uh-oh, potty emergency! Teeth again. Tuck. Lights off. Mom leaves.

You would think that the hour of activity listed above would result in an hour or quiet for Mom right? Oh no, it continues…

S: ‘Mama, mama, mama! One more thing! One more thing! I LOVE YOU!’. Tuck. Cuddle. Drink. Mom leaves again. Camps out right in the hallway with my tablet as he peeks out at least twice and mumbles something like ‘mama needs to go downstairs’. She doesn’t. Read for another 15 minutes. Tiptoe in to see if he is asleep.

Most nights he is. Some night, like last night, I go downstairs and sit to talk to my husband (who is out of town working). I hear a big crash from above the living room (in my room), then quiet. I go up to check and he is not in sight. Guess where? Yep- under the bed with his sleeping bag and some treasured items. He is safe. He is asleep. Mission accomplished. Off to enjoy a celebration beer… very quietly… don’t want to wake them up and start again!


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