Bed in a Box

You know those Tempur-madic-foamy mattress deals? I made a huge mistake! I bought one to replace the destroyed mattress in our travel trailer. It was an awesome deal (via Amazon, of course) and came in a box. Super heavy, but easy for my hubs to get in the door of the trailer. I was not there for the transport, but did get to sleep on it. Heaven. Heaven in a trailer is saying a lot.

Bad news friends. Amazon sells those things in KING size. Perfect for my bed! 70% off the retail price and same brand as the one we bought for the trailer. FREE SHIPPING! Be there in two days.

… and it was. FedEx brought it right to my garage door. He nicely asked me if I wanted him to put it inside since there were stairs, but he seemed to have a ‘bad back’ when he lifted it out of the truck. And I was super concerned. He even had a special belt on. He mentioned something about waiting until my husband came home. Hah.

Turns out the thing weighs as much as a car. At least one of those small ones. I pushed and slid it to the stairs. Then rested. Then it was easiest to sort of walk it up the stairs, since that meant I didn’t need to lift any of the weight. Got it inside. Done for the day. Wishing I had one of those special belts.

Day two of the mattress moving was a big one. To get it to our room, it had to go up the stairs, turn, then up another set of stairs, turn, down the hall, big turn and into our room. All the while keeping my littles out of the way.

I sent the kids up the stairs to move them out of the way. I pushed it laying down up the stairs, but it was so heavy it required me (well me specifically because I didn’t weigh enough to push down on one end to pop the front up higher) to lift the top up a little and push at the same time. Does that even make sense? Well we got to the landing and G had come back down the stairs to see how we were doing (we, being the mattress, my new best buddy, and I).

I stood the mattress box up, picked her up and put her far into the office and ran back. Huffing and puffing. Playing the same lift/push game as the first flight, we made it up to the top. From here I did a superwoman run/push  combo into our room. S was very impressed and did refer to my super powers being almost as strong as his.

Day two and a half. After some panting, water drinking, stretching and resting… I was ready to switch the mattresses. Took the old one off- simple. Muscled the box onto the bed. Not as simple, but did it. Wrestled the mattress out of the box. Cut it out of it plastic wrap and BAM! Instant mattress. It was so amazing I wish I would have video taped it.

It. Is. Heaven.

Worth losing five pounds of sweat getting it in there. Worth the back breaking push/pull method. Worth the $600 (seriously. Good deal) But… the old mattress is definitely taking up residence in the hall until there’s some men around to move it.


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