Unlimited E-Library

Kindle Unlimited. Seems like a trick.

I am doing the free month of Kindle Unlimited. I got a tablet from my hubby for our anniversary last December… with the craziness of Christmas I didn’t really get into it until January.

I couldn’t believe how many books I devoured in the first month. It was ridiculous. Plus they were so affordable compared to buying books in print.I think now my husband might strongly dislike the tablet due to the attention it receives.

Disclaimer:I do have to say I love books. Like real books, in my hand… the smell of books combined with the fact that they aren’t going to go all ‘low battery’ on you. Oh and library books/used books.. .don’t even get me started on that kind of magic! Who knows who has read the book you have in your hands?! A germ-phobics nightmare and my paradise. I have (what could be considered) my own library of books, including some hidden in the crawlspace (to keep them safe from my kids) from my childhood.

There I am on Amazon and they are offering a Kindle Unlimited!! What?! $9.99 and you get unlimited books to read. Well… not any book. Just the ones in the Unlimited library. Not that I’m saying I’m going to  consume all those books and be out of material…. just saying that the ones I seem to want to read still cost money. That leaves me with the dilemma : do I just read books and discover new authors I may love, because they are ‘free’ with subscription? Or do I cancel said subscription and buy the ones I want to read?

These are the problems of a mom who needs an outlet. We’ll see how the Kindle Unlimited journey develops. While exploring the new unlimited library… I did end up ordering some awesome ‘real’ books… that site really just sucks you in.


*UPDATE! They keep adding more and more books to the Unlimited. It’s pretty much awesome!


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