Stitch Fixed It

stitch fix one My first Stitch Fix came in the mail! I am so excited!!

I’m a Mom right. More than that, also a wife, teacher, business owner, maid, cook, gardener… okay, sorry, I got swept up in the role list game. So we are all busy, I know. But I don’t make clothes shopping (for me) a priority. Never have, probably never will. Somebody mentioned Stitch Fix at a business presentation I was doing, and then I heard about it again online, and then my husband told me I should probably try it out since I kept mentioning it. 😉

When I filled out my style profile I laughed at the questions thinking there was ‘no way’ I would like anything, but it was worth a try. Box came today: LOVED IT! Five items I never would have picked out at the store and absolutely loved. Loved. Love. I bumped up my next box for the next available date to try again. Out of the five items one didn’t fit and one wasn’t my style (high waisted pants? Nah).

Have you heard of this? If not, know you now. It’s worth a risk and I sort of feel like my stylist, ‘Elizabeth’, has known me my whole life already. Try it out… use my link and I get a credit… you can get credits by referring too: fix


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