gracie-2248My hubs and I are born and raised Alaskans. We have been blessed with two awesome kids and an incredible outlook on life. Both of us know life is just too short- we soak up the moments while we can! Gotta enjoy the ride!

I run a preschool in Chugiak, Alaska and have a part time energy business. My husband works road construction. That means we are on the road during the summer! We pack up the travel trailer and gypsy around Alaska. It’s been an adjustment, but we’ve acquired an incredible bonus family from the ‘trailer park’ life. Our trailer is awesome (although I am lobbying for a bigger one, now that we have two kids) and we even have a on the go yard (aka AstroTurf).

To be married to your soul mate, best friend and co-pilot is pretty incredible. To get to spend summers exploring the place we love together and cultivate that love in our children… it’s hard to believe we are so lucky. This blog is meant to be a documentation of those adventures, with some ‘hidden’ advice thrown in (I’m sure… it’s hard for me not to do that). Follow it and see if I can keep it up!


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