Dinner Time or Circus Time?

It’s ‘dinner time’ around here. One of my kids appears to be naked except for a beautiful Anna hair pretty. And some marker tattoos she created while I was making said dinner.

The other is America Ninja Warrioring around the living room. He has set up an obstacle course using a fabric tunnel, blanket box, dollhouse, couch , end table and ottoman.

Generally we eat dinner in the dining room, but sometimes we have ‘blanket picnics’ in the living room. The warrior suggested we do that tonight. Walking into the living room and tripping on his ‘perimeter trap’ I can see why.

By the time my dinner is done, my naked princess and wild warrior have eaten all their berries, a couple bites of rice (with  their hands, not forks) and proceed to yell ‘ready, set, go’ and ‘catch me if you can’ before taking off and diving head first into the tunnel. While I could get all ‘mom’ on them and whip this party into shape, it really just makes me smile that they are playing so nicely together. Is that wrong? I swear they have manners most of the time… but tonight on this rainy, dad’s gone,we’ve been cooped up all day while mom does work day… wildness seems to be winning. And that’s okay with me.

These are the days of our lives…


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