Nap Times

It’s nap time now.

I find myself, at these rare quiet moments, pondering how long nap time will go on for. Not how many minutes or hours, but how many more days of nap times will I get? Or snuggles? Or I love you’s and my mommy makes everything better moments? How much longer will my son beg to wear his Batman jammies at every moment? And my daughter be obsessed with trying on shoes (well… that probably won’t stop!)?

My tiny little baby girl went potty in the potty today after not going all morning in her diaper. We went to the gym (where she cut my workout short by crying the whole time in childcare), got coffee and came home. How much longer until potty in the potty is routine and we forget the excitement of the first times?

Sometimes I’m consumed with the amount of love I have for my life right now. Of course, an hour from now I might be singing a different tune- but I really hope these moments of pride, love and laughter are what stick with me. My babies have changed who I am and what my days consist of… I love it so much and am definitely not ready to see these days go. I feel like I’m going to blink and my babies will be having babies.

How do you slow down the clock? Absorb it all in so you can replay it forever. I read an article once by a woman who referred to all her memories as a bank.  She deposited as many great experiences, faces, smiles, conversations as she could, so when she was old and reflecting on her life, she could pull them out and remember how full her life is. How many people she has touched. How many laughs, tears and hugs she has shared.

I guess it doesn’t matter how much longer this all goes on for. What matters is it’s here now… and I better soak it up while I can. 🙂 20140930_161156


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