Defining Moments

There are defining moments in life… right? Like you can look back and think, ‘Man… that really changed where I was going.” I’ve had a lot of those during the course of my life so far… and expect to experience many more.

One of the recent moments happened last May. We were up visiting my sister in law. It was unseasonably warm and the kids were running through the sprinkler in their undies with piles of snow still on the grass. It was amazing. I literally put down my phone and soaked up every moment of that day.

That evening the phone rang right after the kids were all in bed and we sat down to chat. It was my father in law. He told us that his sister had been killed in a motorcycle accident. I vividly remember every moment of that entire day; how it felt to be so in the moment and loved, and also how it felt to hear those words and feel like my heart was removed from my body. I remember how my sister in laws face looked as my husband spoke the words. I remember his strength that enabled him to convey that message clearly. When someone who is an integral part of your life is ripped away from you, the details are solidified in your memory bank eternally.

I could write forever about my Aunt and how amazing she was. That will come later. I’m not quite there yet… so this is about what happened to me afterwards.

I decided shortly after that my life needed to change. I needed more days like that day. Days away from the phone, computer, tv… days living in the present. Sometimes we make these resolutions and carry them out for a day or a week. But my perspective on life was changed by this event.

Reflecting on the last few months I’ve realized how incredibly happy I have been. How my happiness has translated to happy kids who are confident and able. My relationship with my husband is amazing. My businesses are both thriving, which leads to less stress in our household. Being happy creates a desire for others to be happy around  you. You have to be determined to remain sad around me… most of the time.

We all have bad days… myself included. But now instead of being stuck in a rut, I hop right out of it and move on. You only get so many minutes, hours and days together. Soak it up! Laugh at the silly things- laugh at the serious things! Live your life like this is it. Because today, right now, in this moment, is it. This is your life.

So all I can say is thank you Aunt Elaine. Your absence leaves a void that can’t be filled, but we will continue to throw love, laughter and smiles at it in your name. We feel you around us everyday. I miss your laugh and ‘oh well’s and am always waiting for you to wander over when we’re the cabin. Thank you for changing my today, every day. Thank you for improving my children’s lives today and tomorrow, my relationships and hopefully my reach to those around me. I love you!Upper Gen


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