Alone with two littles on a plane. Part One: The Airport

Sounds like a fun adventure right?

Yes! On the way to your destination, traveling alone is fine… sometimes ever ‘fun’. In my most recent adventure it was awesome as I had my sister in law and her ‘big kids’ along for  entertainment, assistance and back up. The flight home… not so much.

It’s me, my double Bob and S and G. (My aunt generously helped us with checking in our luggage- enough for a small country- which we wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.) We go to ‘have a snack’ in the SeaTac airport (my snack consisted of chips and salsa and very large Bud Light). The whole time my son is glued to the window (literally drool running down it) watching the airplanes except when he’s yelling he has to poop (he doesn’t, he is obsessed with public bathrooms). My daughter is tasting every food item given to her and then throwing it out on the floor behind her. At this point, all you can do is sit back and enjoy your beer. Right?

This is followed by the nightmare of the train at the Seattle Airport. People wheeling in their suitcases and parking themselves right in front of the door. Well… that means double BOB is not getting on. This requires my loud, assertive teacher voice- which clears a path without a problem- but is slightly embarrassing. Don’t worry- we made it.

Up next… the plane.



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